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Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association
Saturday, September 21, 2013
The LCWA meeting was called to order by President, Thomas C. Tallman, Jr. on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 10:20 am at the Cherry Ridge Township Building.
Minutes of the August 24, 2013 were reviewed and approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.  Total assets: $20,701.58.  Seventeen families paid their dues to the LCWA from 8/23-9/21/13.  Making a total of nineteen families. Two new families joined. Three families made donations. 
Treasurer, Joanne Jennerich read her letter of resignation effective immediately.  We appreciate all the time and treasure that Joanne has made for the betterment of the lake.
A motion was made to the floor to nominate a new treasurer.  Linda S. Tallman was nominated by Joanne and seconded by Gayle. A vote went to the association and all were in favor.   Linda S. Tallman accepted the position of treasurer.
Membership:  dues should be paid in January.  A  Pay Pal account has been set up on our web site for payment of dues and donations.   or they can be mailed to Linda S. Tallman                  29 Stourbridge Lane, Honesdale.
Bank accounts:  Change from Honesdale National Bank to The Dime Bank. A new account was opened for raffle monies.
First priority:  Getting the dam permit ($70,000), then fixing the dam.  Then possibly helping to repair Lakeside Ave.  Cleaning, mowing LCWA property and putting up a pavilion.  Putting in a dock.  Possibly acquiring land on the back side of the dam.   Tom will meet with Ms. Day one day this week.
Sewer Authority will need to move sewer line behind dam before repairs can be made.   Linde Associates put a pumping station in the middle of a road by Lakeside Ave.
Receipt of Piezometer Keys, etc. (for delivery to J. Grossman).  Jim will keep track of readings.
Check on grants that need to be resubmitted.
Placement of No Motorized Vehicles Allowed or No Trespassing signs on the dam. Possibly moving large rocks on each end. 
New Business:
Gratitude for recent donations from the Drakes, Grossman, Tallman and Jakob Families.
Wayne County Wine & Cheese Festival brought in $460.00 in raffle money and donations.  A special thanks to Susan & Rick Jakob for their time and donations.
Application will be made to the Wayne County Historical Society to make Lake Cadjaw a historical site.   Talk to people from Lock 31.
A Conservation Officer was around the lake during the week.  He stated to Tom that our Egret is endangered in PA.  He also stated that there is funding for dams. $5-$7M.  Tom is going to see what we would need to do to get funding.  Tom went to the court house to find out about applying.  We were too late, applications were taken in  July.
Tom is going to meet with Mike Piefer and Senator Baker to see what they can do for us.
We need volunteers to run and make gift donations for the following upcoming events in Honesdale:
                Harvest& Heritage Days – 10/12 & 10/13
                Home for the Holidays – 11/29 & 11/30
                Each event will cost $12.50 to rent space
Talked about joining The Greater Honesdale Partnership.  $125 for one year from May 1 to April 30.  They would promote us on their website.  Tables for events would be included in the cost.
New Fundraising Ideas:
     Canisters placed at various downtown locations
     Ice Fishing Party
     Sale of T-shirts and/or hats, coolies, shopping bags
     Themed Baskets
       Face Book Campaign
     Bumper Stickers
Meeting Date Flyers to be distributed in spring.
 Meet & Greet in June, 2014
Meeting time adjustment:  People prefer to have meetings in the morning.
Trailers on Bunting property discussed.  Are they connected to the sewer line?
Adjournment:   11:13am.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Jakob
Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association Minutes
August 24, 2013
 The LCWA meeting was called to order by President, Linda Suhosky, on Sat. August, 24, 2013 at 10:10 am at the Cherry Ridge Township Bldg.
The treasurer’s report was accepted as read.
Sonny Reynolds was remembered as a longtime devoted member of LCWA. He passed away on August 15, 2013. We will miss Sonny.
President, Linda Suhosky read her letter of resignation, effective January 2014. She dedicated years of hard work along with invaluable assistance from her husband, Bob to LCWA. Under her leadership Lake Cadjaw Association became Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association, which bought the Lake. She was instrumental in many improvements to the dam and lake and monitored and managed the requirements issued by the Department of Environmental Protection. We appreciate the many hours of sacrifice Linda and Bob made for our lake.
Joe Durkin, an engineer from Reilly Associates in Pittston, was introduced by Linda. He gave us a brief history of the dam and lake.
He told us that the two new problems are:
1.       The “Safety Factor”, for the dam which is 1.05 and should be 1.5.
2.       There remains no permit for the dam.  DEP modules must be      followed as if the dam is being newly built.
Studies by Reilly Assoc. indicate the following
1.       Building a concrete structure at the toe of the dam.
2.       Moving the sewer lines which is reported to be a minimal amount of work.
3.        Making the slope at the back of the dam more gradual, involving  property LCWA does not own.                               
  Our requests to raise the level of the lake have been discouraged by environmentalists who believe the impact on the wetlands surrounding the lake would be seriously and negatively impacted. There was no discussion concerning negative impacts on the same area if the dam is breached. 
    LCWA’s most pressing goal is to keep the Application for the Dam Permit current. An issued permit and the required improvements to the dam must be completed by 2016.  We are required by the DEP to have $70,000.00 for permanent financial security in the event that our dam must be breached.
  A request for new officers resulted in our new president being Tom Tallman and our new secretary being Kelly Heath. Walt Jennerich will remain vice president as he mentors Susan Jakob until summer 2014. Joanne Jennerich will continue as treasurer for another year.
  Our attendance at this meeting was very good and full of enthusiasm. We have been favored by talented new officers with encouraging new ideas to move forward with our ultimate goals for the dam and lake. We will need several hundred thousand dollars and help from all of us to spread the word and inspire the Honesdale community to participate in saving the dam.          
Respectfully submitted,            
Carol Hark
 The LCWA meeting was called to order by President, Linda Suhosky, on June 23, 2012 at 9 am. The minutes of the September 24, 2011 meeting were read by Gayle Praitano and approved. Treasurer, Joanne Jennerich gave the financial report, which was accepted.
Subjects discussed:
·LETTER – A letter from the LCWA will be sent this week to the Cherry Ridge Township Supervisors regarding the advanced deteriorating structures on the west side of the Lake.
·GRANTS – The Department of Community and Economic Development Grant as well as the Villuame Grant will be submitted again for reconsideration.
·TREATMENT OF LAKE – Chemical treatment of the Lake as been postponed until Aqua PA certifies that the Lake is not a public water supply.
·LIABILITY INSURANCE – The insurance for the Board Members has been paid and renewed for this year.
·DAM INSPECTION – Regular maintenance of the dam has been inspected and approved by The Department of Environmental Protection.
·APPLICATION OF DAM PERMIT – Application for permit has been sent to DEP·
LCWA Requirements:
1. Relocate the sewer line on the backside of the dam prior to required grading.
2.Construction of a concrete wall on the backside of the dam to improve the spillway and prevent erosion.
3.Emergency spillway to be widened to 7ft. and lowered 11/2 ft.
4.Necessary easement on two private properties adjacent to the backside of the dam to be resolved.
5.All improvements to be completed by 2016.
6.A $70,000.00 bond is required by DEP to cover any futures expenses they may incur if the LCWA fails to maintain the dam.
7.The roughly estimated cost for improvements to the dam, legal fees and bond is $230,000.00.
Joe Durkin’s response to doing improvements to the front side of the dam as apposed to the backside to avoid easement problems and expenses was that, “it is something we can consider.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 am.
We are still in need of a Secretary.
Anyone interested, please come forward.
Respectfully Submitted, Carol Hark
A special meeting of the LCWA was held on Saturday September 27th.  A motion was made and approved to designate Scott Bennett, Esquire as legal administrator of the DCED LSA grant.  All expenses to be born by Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association/ grant.  Present board of directors members were Linda Suhosky, Walt Jennerich, Joanne Jennerich, Gayle Praitano and John Praitano.
The LCWA meeting was called to order by President, Linda Suhosky, on September 24, 2011 at 10:05 a.m.
The minutes of the September 03, 2011 meeting were read by Gayle Praitano and accepted as read.
Treasurer, Joanne Jennerich gave the financial report, which also was accepted as read.
A discussion about some run-down houses around the lake arose, and an effort will be made to track down the owners of these properties.
Linda mentioned that the LCWA received a letter from the DEP stating that since our dam is considered a Class II hazard, it has to be repaired by 2016 or a $70,000 bond will have to be put up to cover the cost of breaching.  Hopefully, we can make the necessary repairs, before that date.  Regardless, we have now reached the point of “SHOOT OR PASS THE PISTOL”.
The PA Department of Economic Development grant application, prepared by Linda and Bob Suhosky, needs to have a Township approval and must be submitted by the Township.  To this end, the particulars for the proposed grant were presented by Linda at a recent Texas Township meeting.  During the presentation, some pending lawsuits involving several lake property owners, were brought up.  Even though these matters have nothing to do with the grant application, they did cause the township Supervisor to refuse to go along with the proposal.  The next step for Linda will be to go to the Cherry Ridge authorities and hopefully get their approval.
Reilly and Associates are still working on a permit for the dam and are finalizing the plans for the necessary repairs.
The DEP inquired how the dam held up during the summer rains, storms and general wet weather.  They were informed that during this period, the major spillway was functioning well and that no water was going over the emergency spillway.
The recent lily pad treatment performed five weeks ago needs to be reviewed.  Sonny Reynolds will speak with the Nature Works representative to determine what further remedial action may be needed this year.  Sonny will also try to arrange for him to come to our first meeting next year to address possible additional treatments.
John Johnson is continuing to work on the Villaume grant through the Wayne Bank.
The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend next year.  We hope to have a social gathering and picnic following the meeting.  Details will be posted on the LCWA web site and by e-mail, when arrangements are finalized.  As always, should there be any urgent news or developments in the meantime, they will be posted on our web site and delivered by e-mail.  We wish everyone a happy holiday and a good winter.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
President, Linda Suhosky, called the LCWA meeting to order on September 3, 2011 at 10:10 a.m.
The minutes of the last meeting were read by Carol Hark and accepted.
Treasure, Joanne Jennerich read the treasurer’s report and it was accepted as read.
The treatment this summer of one and a half acres of lily pads, weeds and algae in the lake does not appear to be satisfactory, possibly because of the amount of rain in August.  This problem will be readdressed.
John Johnson reported on the progress of the Villaume  Grant which he will submit by October 2011.
Bob and Linda Suhosky will submit this week for grant funds from the PA. Department of Commonwealth and Economic Development.
The permit and plan to repair the dam is ready to be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection.
It was suggested that all concerned residents receive an email prior to each LCWA meeting.  The first email will include an explanation of the important uses of annual dues and encourage all to participate.
John Johnson will look up new property owners around the lake to advise them of the LCWA ,  it’s  purpose, activities and membership obligation.
The next meeting is scheduled for September 24, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. at the Cherry Ridge Municipal Building.  Any changes will be noted on the web site and also in the newspaper.
The meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
Although there wasn't a formal meeting in July 2011, some members participated in two work projects and a cook out.
John and Gayle Praitano, Julian Staniecs, Walt and Joanne Jennerich, Tom Yablonski and John Johnson mowed algae in the lake depositing it onto Tom
and Johns's property.
Community service of the periodic cleaning of Cadjaw Pond Road was performed by: John Johnson, Tom Yablonski, Walt and Joanne Jennerich, Gayle
and John Praitano and Linda and Bob Suhosky.
Following the clean up there was a cook out at Tom and John's.
A big thank you from Linda to all who participated.
The Meeting of LCWA was called to order by president Linda Suhosky at 10:15AM.
Walt Jennerich read the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved as read.
Joanne Jennerich read the treasurers report and it was accepted as read.
Sonny Reynolds informed us by e-mail that Marty from Natureworks came and
after viewing the lake suggested that we treat 1 ½  acres of lily pads.  Later on in the summer
we will treat weeds and algae.  Lily pads would cost $785.00 an acre, our total cost would be $1,247.50.  Additional cost for weeds and algae will be incurred.  It was decided to use our mower and rake on the lake before treatment.  Walt Jennrich will organize for July 16 at 9:00AM.  The weeds and algae will be placed on John Johnson, Tom Yalbonski’s properties to
be composted.  Linda will provide 3-4 young me to assist with rowing and raking.  Volunteers are welcome!  
            A cleanup date for Cadjaw Pond road will take place on July 23.  Volunteers welcome. 
Meet at the corner of Cadjaw Pond Road and Schoolhouse Road at 10:00 AM.  (It has only taken
a few hours in the past.)
            John Johnson reported the Villaume Grant has a deadline of October.  Joanne Jennerich
Will provide treasurers reports from 2010 to assist with the needed budget.
The casino money grant from DCED has a deadline of July 20, 2011.  Bob and Linda Suhosky are working on this.  Reilly Associates has provided a breakdown cost for repair of the dam.
            A letter of intent to repair the dam was sent to County Commissioners and the Township Supervisors of Cherry Ridge and Texas by Reilly Associates as required by DEP. 
            Carol Harks was contacted for the position of secretary and has very graciously
            There being no more business the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM.
The LCWA meeting was called to order by President, Linda Suhosky, on May 28, 2011 at 10:05 a.m.
The minutes of the last meeting (September 25, 2010) were read by Gayle Praitano.  They were accepted as read.
A Treasurer’s report was given by Linda in Joanne’s absence.  It was last September’s report.
Agenda items were discussed as follows:
Insurance for the Board Members will be renewed for $800.
Linda reported that the dam was inspected by the DEP in December of 2010, and the results were good.  
Our Emergency Evacuation Plan needs to be updated next year.  Reilly and Linda will handle.
Reilly Associates submitted the application for the dam permit to the DEP.
There is a possibility to qualify for grant funds from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development from state gambling revenues.  Bob and Linda Suhosky found this potential opportunity.  Linda will follow up.
It was agreed that we would consider chemical treatment of the lake again this year.  The consensus was that the treatment worked well last year.  Sonny Reynolds will get an estimate from Nature Works for the weeds and some lily pads.
We are still in need for a Secretary. Anyone interested, please come forward.
Linda presented a Job Description for our Membership Chairman (Jim Flynn).  It is as follows:
    1. Able to take inquiries and answer questions from e-mail and telephone
    2. Maintain a list of  new and old members with their addresses
    3. Send any new membership checks to our Treasurer
    4. Post all minutes and new information on our website
    5. Send reminders concerning next meeting
Discussion Points
            John Johnson presented copies of a report entitled Considerations for Pond and Lake Management for the future long term care of the lake.  He  gave copies to everyone at the meeting for further review.
            There were a number of issued raised concerning the dam repair.  These included status of Reilly Associates work, time tables and sewer issues.  Linda suggested that we get a representative from Reilly at a future meeting to review these matters and answer any additional questions.
The next scheduled meeting will be June, 25, 2011 at 10:00 am at Cherry Ridge Municipal Building.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.
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