Attention all Honesdale residents!

The DEP has notified us that if necessary repairs are not made to the dam, the dam may be breached, and the lake will be drained and become wetlands. We cannot let this important part of Honesdale history be taken away!

Tallman's Landing - 1958

Tallman’s Landing – 1958

 Lake Cadjaw History

Lake Cadjaw, also once referred to as “Cadjaw Pond” is a 65 Acre Lake just outside of Honesdale, PA.

The lake dates back to the 1800′s when a dam was built and the water was stored and used to supply the Delaware & Hudson Canal. It was later used to supply water for Honesdale. Today, the lake is a beautiful recreational body of water owned by the Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association and used by its residents for boating, fishing and swimming.

About 35 years ago, the Army Corps of Engineers  lowered the water level of the lake approximately 5 1/2 feet. In the void left behind grew a forest of cattails. The LCWA has made many attempts to have the lake restored to its original state. According to the Department of Environment Protection, the dam that harnesses the lake is in jeopardy of being breached if it is not reinforced and brought up to their current safety specifications.